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Review Article
Erika Cione, Maria Lucente, Luca Gallelli, Giovambattista De Sarro, Filippo Luciani, Maria Cristina Caroleo
The premature newborns are prone to develop both early onset and late onset neonatal sepsis. The major causes of this phenomenon rely on the immaturity of the immune system, which has reduced capability to respond adequately to pathogens.Titles and abstracts of previous papers were scanned before reading ... read more
Review Article
Sylva Skalova
Children with nephrotic syndrome are prone to hypercoagulation disorders and thromboembolism. Of these patients, intracardiac thrombus is the most serious and life-threatening complication, which is detectable by echocardiography and can be successfully treated with plasminogen activator. This review deals with the very rare occurrence of intracardiac thrombi ... read more
Research Article
Shamsollah Noripour, Amir Molaei, Razieh Bandari, Alireza Emadi, Seyd Majid Farokhi Far, Mohammad Forozeshfard
Various strategies have been suggested for the treatment of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS).Nowadays, most of the high-risk pregnancies are successfully ended although they normally result in the delivery of premature and preterm neonates. The rate of NRDS increases in these neonates, which consequently demands for more ... read more
Research Article
Parsa Yousefichaijan, Fereshte Maghsudlu, Mohammad Rafiei
Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) is a heterogeneous inherited disorder most commonly seen in childhood. The presentation is usually a palpable large mass in the flank or abdomen appearing at infancy or birth, leading to electrolyte abnormalities, pulmonary hypoplasia, oligohydramnious and the Potter’s syndrome. The survival ... read more
Research Article
Hassan Hashemi, Mehdi Khabazkhoob, Samira Forouzesh, Payam Nabovati, Abbas Ali Yekta, Hadi Ostadimoghaddam
The current study aimed at determining asthenopia prevalence and its associated factors in a population of high school students.In the current cross sectional study, samples were selected from high school students (range, 12 to 18 years) in Kermanshah city, Iran, through stratified cluster sampling. Any person with ... read more
Research Article
Maryam Khooshideh, Shahin Nariman, Saeid Safari, Ali Shahriari
Prenatal mortality and morbidity increase after 40 weeks of gestation. The current study aimed at comparing maternal and neonatal outcomes between term and postterm pregnancies.The current prospective cohort study was performed on 1180 singleton, cephalic fetus, and uncomplicated pregnancy cases admitted for labor. Pregnant mothers were divided ... read more
Case Report
K Jagadish Kumar, Nayana, V G Manjunath, Chandrashekar Shetty
Pseudoachondroplasia is a rare type of short-limbed skeletal dysplasia. It is usually found as an autosomal dominant inheritable disorder. Children are normal at birth and they present developmental delay in walking by the age of 2, an abnormal waddling gait or deformities of the lower limb. Diagnosis ... read more
Case Report
Maliheh Khoddami, Nasrin Esfandiar, Maryam Kazemi Aghdam
Oxalate nephropathy is a rare cause of renal failure. Primary Hyperoxaluria (PH) is due to glyoxylate metabolism disorders with specific hepatic enzyme deficiencies. Secondary hyperoxaluria is caused by increased intestinal absorption, excessive dietary intake or excessive intake of oxalate precursors. This study reports on a 4-month-old male ... read more

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